Victory Foodservice

Victory Foodservice is a proud member of Legacy Foodservice Alliance as a Sales, Marketing, and Supply Chain Partner. Legacy partners with Independent Foodservice Distributors such as Victory and connects the members with desired brands from top suppliers in the foodservice industry. This combined purchasing power of the network provides resources that bring member’s the desired products at the best possible price so that members can continue to grow their business profitably.

Legacy Members

Legacy’s diverse membership is comprised of Distributor Members across North and Central America, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. Combined with national brands from Supplier Members from around the world, this alliance allows Legacy Members to bring global products to their local markets.

Strategic Market Alliance

Strategic Market Alliance is a member-owned cooperative comprised of prominent distributors in North America who provide janitorial, sanitation, and foodservice packaging products and related services. SMA serves as a catalyst for optimizing efficiency and effectiveness within the supply channel by creating application-specific, functional solutions that improve operations while enhancing customer satisfaction. SMA has been an active partner with providing Victory the opportunity to growth this segment of our business.

Legacy Foodservice Alliance

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