Market Reports

Market Reports



Supplies are tight with 125ct and 138ct size apples out of the northwest. Supplies are extremely limited with Granny Smith and Golden Delicious apples. The market on these two varieties is very strong and looks to be that way through the entire season. All other red varietals are available with relatively competitive markets. The overall quality has been exceptional with the occasional bruising arrival with golden delicious apples. Although the markets will remain firm this year as we are 20 to 25 percent down in the overall crop out of the northwest.



Production from Southern Baja is still decent even though we’re seeing cooler nights. We should see a drop in production in the next 10 days due to field closures due to seasonality from this region. Not much change in weather/production in the Northern region, and Southern region in Peru. Demand and markets are down on both coasts.



Fruit is crossing into the U.S. daily as shippers race to restock and replenish inventories. The main issue right now is having to wait for fruit to ripen and precondition, it takes about 5-7 days to stage it before actually distributing the fruit.  Fruit will be a bit firmer than normal for a while.  Overall quality is good. Fruit is cutting good and eats well.


Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers

Georgia is still harvesting bell pepper but in all likelihood that will come to an end soon. Florida is still light in volume with a few more shippers starting to ship.  Supplies have been tight with a slight decline in demand. Supplies could possibly get tighter in the near future then things should open up.

Red Bell Peppers – Light supplies of red bell pepper are being harvested. Quality of red bells from California being reported as good. Light supplies of hothouse red bells continue to cross through, Mexico. Qualities of the peppers are being reported as good. Mostly medium size and choice being are being packed. Demand and pricing should remain high short term. Demand exceeds supply.

Yellow Bell Peppers – Few Hothouse yellow bells are crossing through Mexico. The market is higher along with pricing. More choice grade currently being packed in 1 1/9 bushel box as all #1 grade bell being packed in an 11lb box. Demand currently exceeds supply. The quality of the pepper remains good.


Berries (Blackberries)

Blackberries have been steady in supplies with good availability coming from Mexico. Markets have been flat with aggressive deals loading in Texas. Expect markets to remain moving forward.


Berries (Blueberries)

Blueberry supplies have been steady. Good fruit is arriving from Argentina, Peru and now Chile. Mexico’s production is slow right now. Markets have started to climb with slight increases on both coasts.  Overall, with the import fruit from all regions, don’t anticipate any major disruption in supply. Quality has been strong in all areas.

Berries (Raspberries)

Raspberry production has slowed down in Mexico. Although there still will be steady availability.  Market prices have come up slightly and will remain firm.


Berries (Strawberries)

Strawberry supplies will continue to decrease going forward. Weather is playing a factor and will also affect quality. You may see soft fruit and bruising.   Expect low production and limited supply are very possible, Markets will be higher.



The broccoli market continues to be in a demand exceeds situation. Supplies have become tighter on broccoli in all areas as the cold weather has slowed the growth. Broccoli crowns are extremely tight and may need to sub into bunched. Quality is fair with slight purpling, some mechanical damage, and occasional yellow cast. Look for supplies to continue to remain tight.


Brussels Sprouts

The Brussels sprouts market has picked up a bit in some areas. Weather has caused limited yields. Quality has been affected by weather as well as the insect pressure particularly the Diamondback Moth and will be an ongoing battle this season. Look for the Brussels Sprout market to remain high.



The carrot market continues to remain steady. Quality is good, and supplies are adequate to meet current demand. You will see no change in the carrot market for the foreseeable future.



Cauliflower market continues to be extremely tight and is in a demand exceeds situation. Shippers anticipate Cauliflower yields to be low with sizing leaning towards the 16 count. Overall, the quality has been fair with minor bruising and some yellow cast with weights in the 25 to 28-pound level. Look for this market to continue to stay strong.


Demand remains steady. Large sizing continues to be the lightest in availability and is commanding a higher price in the marketplace. Small sizing continues to be the best deals that shippers are offering. Insect damage, mechanical slight bowing, and seeder have been seen but minimally. The overall quality continues to be above average with this commodity



Import fruit is available with a handful of varieties arriving on the east coast. Quality is being reported as good. Markets are still high, ranging in the mid to high 40’s. Sizes are large to extra large. Fruit is shipping out of Miami and Philadelphia.


Chili Peppers Jalapeño

Jalapeño – Nogales currently receiving low numbers of Jalapeno. Jalapeno volume expected to increase with hotter temperatures. The market is high. Currently, demand exceeds supply

Pasilla – Nogales is currently shipping moderate volume of Pasilla. Warmer weather is expected to increase Pasilla production. The Pasilla market is steady and supplies currently meet demand. Good quality being seen in Pasilla from some growing region.

Anaheim – Nogales still receiving good volume of Anaheim from the Sonora, Mexico growing district. Moderate numbers of Anaheim are also being harvested in Sinaloa. The market is steady while supplies exceed demand. Good quality being reported from both districts.

Serrano – Nogales is receiving good volume of Serrano from Sonora, Mexico. Sinaloa, Mexico also producing good volume of Serrano. Good quality being reported from both growing region. Supplies meet demand. Pricing currently high but expected to decrease as supplies increase



Tomatillo – The market has firmed up as cooler weather in Sonora, Mexico has slowed production. Husk Tomatillo supply currently meets demand. Demand on peeled Tomatillo currently exceeds supply. Good quality on both husk and peeled being reported on supplies out of Sonora.




Supplies are steady, covering normal business and holding off on promotable volumes. Peaking on 140/165/115 in all areas.  All areas are expecting good runs on all sizes.



Lime supplies are good now and will remain so for a while. Supplies expecting to tighten up on big sizes and prices are expecting to increase.   Small size pricing is looking to climb also. Current market prices ranges from $5 -$11 depending on the size.



California Navels is moving along with good supplies across the board, plenty of promotable volume and great quality. The availability of XL fruit has cleaned up with the main focus on the MED and SML fruit. Plenty of fruit to move and markets have adjusted down to promote movement. Medium size fruit is now readily available and that market is starting to settle in with prices to generate business.  Moving forward, our size structure will be 88/72/113. Brix averages remain at 10-12, some 13. Satsuma Mandarins supplies are ample on any size or pack style. Brix is 12-14 and extremely juicy. Delite Mandarins are coming along peaking on 32/36/28 followed by size 40. Plenty of Pummelos available sizing and quality look great. Cara Caras are expected to start soon depending on the weather. Blood oranges are expected to start soon.



Cumbers have been in steady supply in central and south Florida. Cooler weather moving into the region will slow production. Cucumbers volume crossing from Mexico has declined, increasing demand on Florida product. Production should pick up with more growers starting and temperature rising back to normal for this time of year. Import cucumbers will start in light supply soon. Quality has been very good from most shippers



Georgia is expected to finish eggplant soon. Quality and production are going down to the point it is not profitable for growers to continue. Florida has started harvesting and production is picking up with more growers starting. With very good quality in Florida, supplies will transition there completely very soon.


Grapes (Green)

There continue to be good supplies of domestic green grapes. Quality on some of the older storage crop has been weaker, but there is plenty of good new fruit available. Markets have been flat with mostly large sizes available


Grapes (Red)

No major changes in red grapes. There is plenty of availability, but the quality is something to pay close attention to. As we move closer to the end of the domestic season and look for import fruit pay close attention to the shipper and quality before making decisions based on price alone.


Green Onions

The Green Onion market continues to come off as supplies have increased. Look for the onion market to continue to stay steady.



The kale market has picked up and will continue to be volatile with the cooler Yuma temperature. Quality is fair with full bunches, and only an occasional yellow leaf being reported.


Lettuce Iceberg

This market continues to gain strength in all growing regions. Demand severely exceeds supplies and this will continue for a while. With the release of romaine, expect this market to settle down but it will take some time. Production Santa Maria and Yuma are not meeting demand. Value-added product is escalated twice. The defects on this commodity include lightweights, ribbiness, misshapen heads and puffy. This market will continue to be active.


Romaine has been approved to resume shipping. Activity has been very high. Escalated pricing will be in effect very shortly.  Green and red leaf, as well as butter, are commodities reaching escalated pricing. Demand exceeds supplies on all leaf items. As expected green and red leaf and butter were relied upon to fill the gap of romaine. Salinas has finished production on all leaf items. Production in Santa Maria is very light. The weights on green and red leaf as well as butter are fair at best.



Off shore fruit is starting in the market. We are seeing a better supply on larger fruit and lighter supply on small fruit. There is fruit arriving in Florida area with Pennsylvania to follow. Some suppliers will have fruit available In California soon but with limited supply. There is light volume out of Mexico, quality is just fair. Current market on fruit ranged from $$19-$21. The market is steady/higher and quality is fair.


Melon (Honeydew)

Reports of good volume crossing into the U.S. We are seeing a better supply on larger fruit and lighter supply on small fruit. There is fruit arriving in Florida area with Pennsylvania to follow. Some suppliers will have fruit available In California soon but limited supply. There is light volume out of Mexico, quality is just fair. Current market on fruit ranged from $$8-$10. The market is steady/higher and quality is fair.


Melon (Watermelon)

Seedless watermelons are still available to load in from Mexico. Watermelon still showing strong demand and prices have increased on both cartons and bins.



Markets are unchanged with moderate demand. Supplies are good out of all areas. Quality is excellent. Transportation is limited.



The pear supplies are plentiful with volume deals on lower grade fruit. We have multiple varieties available. Such as Bartletts, Comice, D’Anjou, Bosc, Seckle, Forelle, and Red Crimson pears available. Quality has been really nice with good sugar levels and decent pressure testing. Although there has been sporadic arrivals with bruising and discolored skin. The overall market is steady as well.



Current supplies are limited, but covering normal business. As we approach the holidays. The decrease in supplies is due to Costa Rica having issues with Basal Staining. This causes a discolored ring around the base of the pineapples causing too much moisture in the soil from previous heavy rains. Shippers have stepped up their selection process for packing to ensure the best quality arrives, hence causing lower volumes moving forward. This is industry wide and forecasted to remain limited. Volumes should gradually increase as we move forward. Current market prices on all sizes between $10-$12.



Potato market is steady on all sizes and packs. Demand is moderate on cartons and retail bales. Quality is very nice with little issues being reported upon arrival. The main variety being pack is Norkotah’s. Sizing is peaking on 70 count and larger. There are a few shippers packing Burbanks. Sizing is peaking on 80 count and smaller.


Potatoes (colored)

Supplies and markets are steady out of all areas on all size and colors. Quality is good except out of Wisconsin which is just fair. The quality out of Wisconsin was hurt do to all the rain and cold weather the last month and half of harvest. Transportation is limited.



Squash production has been very good in central and south Florida. The markets have been weak on both colors although zucchini has been in greater supply than yellow squash. Quality has been good with most shippers in all regions but look for production to slow with cooler temperatures further south.


Stone Fruit Peaches & Nectarines

The last of the domestic stone fruit is winding down. Only plums are available. Currently both red and blacks are available, but sizes are leaning on the large side and black plums are more limited than red. Market prices have been slightly higher. Quality has been good. The import stone fruit season is expected to soon.



Weather has created reduced volumes and smaller sizes than normal. Strong markets are being forecasted to last for the forseeable


  • Milk and heavy creams have will remain the same for the month of December.
  • The butter has “softened” slightly.
  • The Block market remains unchanged for the week.
  • The Barrel market (American Cheese) is flat. Prices appear to be heading up for next week.
  • Rib eyes and tenderloins remain strong for the holiday season.
  • Beef market is settling somewhat. Keep an eye on briskets and Top Sirloins as these two items are climbing again.
  • Pork picnics and butts have risen again this week ahead of the upcoming holiday.
  • The bacon is up once again but I do not expect any significant increases for next week.
  • The chicken market is attempting to dig out of the doldrums. The tender and cutlet market have risen this week. Both the market and formulas combined for a significant increase. This could just be in response to the Holidays and the short production weeks as most plants will close Monday and Tuesday for Christmas and New Years