Market Reports

Market Reports



Good supplies of all varieties of apples out of several growing regions and a full range of sizes. Although the smaller sizes such as 125ct and 138ct have been difficult as supplier run their bin product. Quality has been excellent with good sugar levels and pressure tests. The markets have firmed up on the lower grade fruit, but the overall market is steady.


Volume has improved  and will continue to improve depending on the weather. There has been an increase in production of the larger sizes due to the weather conditions, and a decrease in the smaller sizing. Overall markets are steady to higher, with production of the smaller sizes down and production of the larger sizes up.


Consistent seasonal rain is leading to a high percentage of fruit with lenticel spotting on the surface. An avocado with lenticel will ripen as normal, and as the skin darkens, the lenticel will become less apparent. Lenticel is caused when fruit has taken on water prior to harvest. Plenty of fruit available this week on all sizes with good overall quality. Chilean available with reports of good quality. Volume will increase weekly.

Bell Peppers

The northern growing areas are scraping through older fields cleaning bushes for the last push of the season. Expect tight supplies for the next few weeks.

Green Bell Peppers

Volume has dropped. The quality of the peppers remains good. Currently, demand exceeds supplies.

Red Bell Peppers

Moderate supply of red bells being harvested. The quality of the peppers in all districts remains good. Pricing has firmed up on #1 pack red bell pepper. Lighter volume on Large, X-large bushel, and 15lb pack. Grower’s are packing more choice grade fruit.

Yellow Bell Peppers

The market is steady along with pricing. Demand is steady along with supplies. The quality of the pepper remains good.

Berries (Blackberries)

Blackberries are definitely in a split market right now. Most of the domestic harvest is complete. Growing areas are slowly ramping up, but volumes are still low. Demand exceeds Supply.

Berries (Blueberries)

Supplies remain far below demand this week. The good news is, supplies should start picking up moving forward. Demand is still very strong. Market prices have remained higher and firm.

Berries (Raspberries)

Raspberry supplies have been consistent and  several areas are in production. Demand has been consistent, and markets have been steady.

Berries (Strawberries)

Supplies have started to lighten up a bit in all areas. Harvest estimates have been lower than expected. This is due to the loss of fruit from the rain that hit several days ago. Market prices jumped up this week and remain firm. There has been several reports of soft berries and bruising over the last week. Expect supplies to remain consistent, and quality will be better.


Market continues to be a little snug as the colder nights have slowed the growing process. The crowns market is higher,  quality is fair with slight purpling, some mechanical damage, and occasional yellow cast. Look for supplies to continue to remain a bit snug.

Brussels Sprouts

Market has come off a bit. The temps have been relatively mild, which the Brussels Sprouts like, so fields are at budget if not slightly ahead of schedule. Quality has been affected by insect pressure particularly the Diamondback Moth and will be an ongoing battle this season.


Market continues to remain steady. Quality is good, and supplies are adequate to meet current demand. Expect no change in the carrot market.


Market has picked up as supplies have become a bit snug. Overall, the quality has been good with minor bruising and some yellow cast with weights in the 25 to 28-pound level. Look for this market to continue to be strong going into next week.


This week has begun with steady supplies as well as demand. Some suppliers are flexing while others are remaining firm to current pricing. The best supplies continue on large sizing, but all sizing is available to meet demand. Good quality overall continues. The weights are ranging from 47-54 pounds.

Chili Peppers Jalapeño

Moderate supplies of Jalapeño being harvested from both growing regions. The quality of the peppers is fair out of both regions. The market is higher along with pricing. Currently, supplies meet demand. Pasilla -Moderate supplies available. The quality of the pasilla remains fair out of both regions. Market along with pricing remains steady. Anaheim – Low to Moderate supplies available. The quality of the peppers remains fair. Supplies meet demand. The market is higher along with pricing.Serrano – Supplies are still available. Low volume of serrano pepper available to load. The quality of the pepper has been mostly fair to good from both growing areas. Supplies meet demand. Pricing remains steady.


Low supplies available on both husked and peeled tomatillos driving prices on both commodities up. The market and demand is high. Currently, tomatillo demand exceeds supplies on both peeled and husk tomatillo. Quality is mostly fair from both growing areas.


Supplies continue to increase. The market is still trying to find common ground. Although the market on 140ct and larger size fruit is still higher than the smaller sizes. Quality is varying  from growing region.


Plenty of smaller fruit available (200,230,250). There is a better volume on larger fruit this week as well (110,150,175).


The Valencia crop is still hobbling along with fair quality and limited supplies. The market is still relatively strong, and the navel market will follow in suit.


Quality is good. Weather conditions have done some damage to cucumber fields, but approximately half the volume had already been harvested.



Eggplant production has picked up and demand has soften. Fancy eggplant is steady, but choice eggplant demand has dropped considerably over the past week.

Grapes (Green)

Green grapes are plentiful. Supply exceeds demand. Quality is excellent, and markets have been low and flat. Shippers have all sizes available.

Grapes (Red)

Currently, the market being flooded with high quality fruit. Market prices have been low an flat for a long time with all sizes, and the fruit looks good.

Green Onions

Market will continue to remain extremely tight. Wet weather and labor issues have caused product to be extremely snug. The recent heat followed with rain has been causing some occasional leaf minor and some mechanical damage. Market will continue to stay strong.


Market continues to be steady with no signs of changing in the coming week. Supplies continue to be good with steady demand. Quality continues to be good with good color, full bunches and only an occasional yellow leaf being reported.

Lettuce Iceberg

The market is very competitive with some quality issues include mechanical, puffy and misshapen heads. The weights on palletized have been reported at 40-44 pounds.


This market is firm on romaine. Quality issues include twisting, fringe burn and mechanical. Weights are averaging 30-34 pounds. Green leaf has soften with moderate supplies are expected on romaine, green and red leaf. Butter supplies will be on the moderate to light side. Romaine hearts will be light in availability as supplies have not caught up to demand. The quality on all leaf items has been fair overall.


With less than a handful of growers still harvesting, expect limited supplies on cantaloupes. Overall quality remains good, and brix/sugar levels are also ideal.

Melon (Honeydew)

With less than a handful of growers still harvesting, expect limited supplies on cantaloupes. Overall quality remains good, and brix/sugar levels are also ideal.

Melon (Watermelon)

Seedless watermelons are available. Watermelon growers are still waiting to asses potential damages to the crop due to the recent rain. Demand is steady. Pricing remains steady.


Market is steady  with good quality being reported.


There are several states currently harvesting several varieties such as Danjou, Bartlett, Bosc, Red Bosc, Seckel, and Forelle pears. The markets have been stable with all size ranges available. The quality has been excellent out of all growing regions with good sugar levels, decent pressure testing, and firm skin as to not bruise.


Good supplies of pineapples from all ports of entry. Quality is really good with decent sugar levels in the 12 to 14 brix range. There has been an occasional overripe arrival, but overall quality is really nice. The market is favorable and steady.


Markets are starting to firm as growers finish with harvest. Sizing is still peaking on 60 count with limited supplies of 80 count and smaller. Quality is being reported as good out of all areas.

Potatoes (colored)

Supplies of Red and Golds out of Dakota’s and Wisconsin are limited due to snow and rain. Some growers still have up to 30% of their crop in the ground. Labor is still spread out between the Sugar beat and potato harvest. Supplies that are available are peaking heavy to A size with very few B size and smaller. Quality is still being reported as good. Idaho and Washington are packing good supplies of Red, White and Golds. Supplies are peaking on A size with moderate supplies of B’s and size. The market is steady with light to moderate demand.


Good amount of supplies available, but weather conditions are causing some quality issues on yellow squash. Production is starting to rebound and quality will get better.

Stone Fruit Peaches & Nectarines

Peaches and nectarines are just about done. There are a couple of options left for large size fruit, but expect those supplies to finish up quickly. Decent supplies of both Black and Red plums. Markets have been flat and demand has been consistent.


Crop assessments remain in progress with the bulk of the crop was devastated by the storm. There are a few hundred acres that were not destroyed. However, they will not produce enough volume to impact the market in a meaningful way. However, yields are typically light at the beginning of the season and may remain light through the first half of November. All items continue to slowly strengthen.



  • Market looks unsteady and we anticipate the market to drop


  • Both the Block and Barrel markets have experienced a drop


  • Rib eyes and tenderloins remain strong
  • Loins and sirloins market weakened slightly
  • Rounds remain stable


  • Pork pricing has started to strengthen
  • Picnics, butts and loins are all trading higher
  • It appears that the belly market has reached its peak


  • Wing and 1/4 leg markets remains stable
  • Boneless/skinless breasts are at the lowest level we have seen in about 9 years
  • WOG’s are strong as the market has increased