Market Reports

Market Reports



Washington has started harvesting  Gala and Ginger Gold apples. As we get into September, we will continue to see an influx of other varieties and increased supplies. Local areas have also started harvesting this week with increased availability moving forward. Quality is excellent from all growing regions with pressure tests in the 18 level and higher on new crop as well as good sugar levels. Initial reports are showing heavier in the 56ct to 113ct sizes.


Volumes are the same as last week with production lower and Markets are up overall.


Due to extreme heat volume continues to decline. There is a strong demand for hass on all sizes but demand exceeds supply. Markets are in the $60 range and trending upward.

Bell Peppers

Production has increased with good quality on increasing supplies. Demand has decreased and the pipeline seems to be backing up. Canadian product is good quality and shipping into the northeast.

Green Bell Peppers

Volume is expected to increase with the quality of the coastal pepper very good. Supplies are low and pricing is firm.

Red Bell Peppers

Expect a transition to the coastal areas for harvesting. The quality of the peppers are good. The market is stronger and pricing is higher.

Yellow Bell Peppers

There is a low supply of yellow bell peppers available. The market is steady and quality of the peppers is good.

Berries (Blackberries)

Supplies are good with an increase in harvest volume. Quality is excellent with big berries with lots of flavor. Market prices have been steady but as more supplies become available expect to see a price decrease.

Berries (Blueberries)

Supplies are light and quality has been a challenge due to the heat and yields have slowed down with market prices higher. Overall, supplies are lighter, demand is stronger and expect prices to increase.

Berries (Raspberries)

Supplies remain light with market prices stable with a minimal increase in demand.

Berries (Strawberries)

Supplies continue to be good with some quality issues experienced leading to decreased yields and less fruit being funneled into the markets. Expect quality to improve.


Market continues to be active with supplies becoming tighter with areas winding down production. Quality is fair with slight yellowing, some mechanical damage and decent crown size. Look for the supply to improve.

Brussels Sprouts

Market has leveled off and supplies continues to improve. Quality is much better and less insect damage, black spotting and decay.


Market and quality remain steady. Jumbo size carrots should be in steady supply through the season but demand is holding strong and so is the market on jumbos.


Market continues to be level with steady supplies with good quality and weights in the 25 to 31-pound level, little yellow cast to cream color, and occasional bruising.


Good supplies continue with demand picking up with plenty of production. Large sizing continues to be the most abundant available. The temperatures continue to be very favorable for the growth of this commodity. Reports of seeder, yellow leaves and slightly brittle but the overall quality continues to be strong with weights ranging from 58 to 64-pounds.

Chili Peppers Jalapeño

Production has begun and volume is expected to increase with the quality of the peppers good. The market is lower with additional supply in the market. Pasilla – Good supplies available with quality better. The market is steady; pricing has adjusted down. Anaheim – Good supplies available. The market is steady; pricing has adjusted down slightly. Serrano –Volume is expected to remain steady throughout the summer; quality has been good with the market higher.


Good supplies available on both husked and peeled tomatillos. The market remains higher on the peeled pack but pricing is lower overall.


Supplies remain extremely limited with quality being fair at best.  Imports showing decay, mold, and soft rot. Offshore lemons have helped with supplies, although supplies are limited as well. The market for both domestic and offshore fruit is extremely active.


Market remains tight and the market is active. Limited amount of fruit as of now on this new crop. Overall quality on the new crop fruit is good. Larger fruit is limited (150s/175s) and smaller fruit (200s-250s) available.


Increase in demand for small size oranges has created an upward trend in the market. Availability of small fruit is extremely limited. Quality is nice with good sugar levels. We have seen an influx of re-greening due to the high temperatures in the growing regions.


Supplies are coming from many locations in the eastern half with rain last week causing some minor quality issues. Look for supplies and pricing to stay steady; pricing is very reasonable at the moment with a wider than normal range between supers and selects.


Supplies have improved but not to normal volume. Virginia and New Jersey are harvesting with the eastern regions having weather issue creating decreasing yield, and Midwestern growers are reporting lower than normal yields.

Grapes (Green)

Green grapes continue to be plentiful. High temperatures have started with typical issues associated with heat can include poor coloring.

Grapes (Red)

Market continues to be soft as the availability far outweighs the demand. Plenty of product available as we hit the peak season.

Green Onions

Market continues to be competitive. Sizing is still trending to the smaller sizing. Quality has been improving and the presence of thrip damage and leaf minor is minimal. This hot weather is continuing to help fight off thrip and leaf minor presence but also keeps the green onions from growing.


Market is steady while supplies continue to be good with steady demand. Quality is good with good color, full bunches, and only an occasional yellow leaf being reported.

Lettuce Iceberg

Market is extremely active where demand exceeds supplies. Common defects being reported to include puffiness, mechanical and some light weights. Weights have been ranging on palletized from 39-45 pounds. Expect escalated pricing.


Market remains unchanged. Romaine hearts are plentiful with some defects worth noting include fringe and tip burn as well as some insect damage. These defects will be seen on green and red leaf as well as butter. Expect heavy supplies as we are in the peak of the season.


Supplies on smaller fruit are limited with reports of steady supply of large fruit (jumbo 6s, jumbo 9s, and 9s). The demand for smaller fruit has grown. Reports of good quality on cantaloupes. Brix (sugar) levels are holding in the range of 12-16. Market prices are high.

Melon (Honeydew)

Supplies on smaller fruit (6s, 7s, and 8s) are limited with reports of a steady supply of larger fruit (jumbo4s, jumbo 5s, and 5s. That being said the market price is higher. Good quality with brix (sugar) levels ranging from 10-14.

Melon (Watermelon)

Volume is expected to remain consistent with demand steady while pricing remains low.


Pricing on all colors and sizing remain steady. Idaho, Washington, Michigan and New York have started new crop. Quality is good.


Market is steady with a full range of sizes. The quality from all growing regions is excellent with good pressure levels and decent sugar.


Supplies remain consistent, although we are heading into the period where supply tightens up. The markets is tightening up and prices on the rise.


New crop potato sizing is peaking with quality great with light skinning. New crop market is decreasing as volume becomes available.

Potatoes (colored)

Markets is unchanged with good supplies available and good quality. Gold and White markets will slowly trend downward.


Somewhat of a split market with demand for zucchini strong while yellow squash is staying steady. Squash is experiencing some quality issues on the east coast due to rain. Many local deals will continue to produce supplies which should keep pricing in reasonable ranges.

Stone Fruit Peaches & Nectarines

Supplies continues to be plentiful. The warm weather is causing the fruit to size up, so there is very little small sized fruit to go around. Fruit quality is strong overall with good color. Prices are starting to firm up as demand increases.


The market is strong from reduced yields. Many farms continue to struggle against rainy weather affecting harvest with the overall eastern supply. No change to price the eastern market is seeing New Jersey and Michigan farm contributing to overall supply. Quality has diminished with the effects of repeated rain. Round and Roma tomato availability is moderate helping to create firm price structure for the immediate future. Grape and cherry tomato volumes have been reduced by weather with supplies snug keeping pricing elevated but should loosen up as the weather improves.



  • Butter market is strong with prices rising this week


  • Block market has strengthened and prices have risen
  • Barrel market has turned and prices are heading upwards


  • The beef market despite increased production remains relatively unchanged.
  • Exceptions strip loin seeing a precipitous drop
  • While rib eyes and tenderloins have increased


  • Pricing remains stable
  • Moderate increase on shoulders and butts
  • Belly market is still declining


  • WOG pricing is taking an upturn
  • Wing market has started to gain strength with football season
  • Despite increased demand and retail promotions boneless/skinless breast remain abundant and pricing has not changed
  • ¼ legs remain a bargain