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Takeout Restaurants across the Big Apple will have to find an alternative to styrofoam cups and other single-use containers by Jan. 1,2019 when the city will start enforcing a ban that was upheld in court last week. The ban — which aims to reduce litter and save landfill space — includes plates, trays, clamshell containers as well as packing peanuts, which the city has determined can’t be recycled. Smaller businesses with annual revenues under $500,000 can apply for “hardship exemptions” if they can prove they would be unduly harmed financially.

The Restaurant Action Alliance filed a lawsuit against the city over the ban, which had earlier been passed by the City Council in September 2017, arguing that styrofoam and other polystyrene foam can be recycled. But the city’s Department of Sanitation said it was not economically feasible because there was no market for the recycled product. On Friday, civil court Judge Margaret Chan agreed with the city. The city will reach out to eateries to educate them about the ban and suggest environmentally friendly alternatives.

Customers outside of the metro-NYC market will not be effected and will have the ability to continue to purchase foam products. As the ban becomes closer to reality, expect your Victory sales representative to provide you with alternative solutions for your styro-foam takeout needs.

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