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The Finest Quality at Affordable Prices

Our exclusive brands are designed to meet, and exceed, your daily needs. The items that carry these labels go through continuous quality control measures, resulting in premier products that are competitively priced versus national brands and deliver the daily consistency your customers expect.

Manhattan Gourmet Logo

Manhattan Gourmet

Manhattan Gourmet label provides our customers with the high quality that they come to expect with quality standards that exceed USDA standards. This line is produced to compete with national brand manufacturers that provide quality as the line of distinction.

Diamond Chef Logo


Our original private label, While meeting USDA standards many of the product packed under our Diamond Chef label are set to provide cost savings and value to our customers. We have many manufacturers under this label that produced product outside of the US and require our company to import these products direct from the source.

Kassian Farms


Kassian Farms is our USDA processing facility and the exclusive producer of portion cut meats for Victory Foodservice. From fresh cut beef, pork and chicken, Kassian Farms can meet all your custom cut needs.

Glitter Logo

Glitter Grill & Oven Cleaner

Our private label chemical line of products that provide the high performing results and expectations at a competitive price point.

Tierra Promotida Logo

Tierra Prometida

Tierra Prometida is our Spanish label which provides the same quality of product but with our Spanish logo to meet the growing segment of the US population.

Slazzer Edit Image E


Dona Sofia is our Latin label which serves as a tribute to Sofia Tyras, mother of founders, Michael and Gus Tyras.

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